Liam Hammond

Liam Hammond instructs the following:
  • F.H.I.I.T
  • F.H.I.I.T (Functional High Intensity Interval Training) Will whip you into shape with the latest functional exercises thrown into a 45 minute no nonsense workout guaranteed to leave you sweating and smiling, O and did we mention achieving results!

  • Coach's Call
  • Coachs Call is exactly what the title suggests 
    This class is some what of a mystery and could be a combination of our existing programs or something fun to get you moving. Think ladders, AMRAP, Metcon and you'd be thinking along the right path  
    Remember to be nice to your coach on the day of this class ;)

  • Strike is a combination of boxing, kick boxing and MMA the aim of this class is to get you striking in as many forms as possible utilising different techniques and tools to give you a phenomenal workout within 45 minutes 

  • Endurance is the name as is the game, this class utilises functional full body movements both loaded and non loaded testing your stamina and edurance giving you both strength gains and lean muscle.

  • XLRX
  • XLRX Will tackle your goals head first with XLRX's dynamic & progressive mix of big hitting exercises guarenteed to both test and challenge you in a way that can only ensure your success. Think big loaded compound exercises 

  • Chalk n Lift is a class focused on big movements, technique and lifting HEAVY
    The structure is loose to allow you to focus on PB's and execution of perfect technique without rushing 

  • TABATTACK is faced paced, dynamic and fun but most of all extremely effective for stripping fat and getting super fit FAST
    Ff you like FHIIT you'll love TABATTACK

  • M.F 360
  • After a long week of work and training we understand the need to rewind your muscles and give them some TLC. Our M.F (Mobility Flexibility) 360 (total body) classes aim is to "work in" after a hard week of "working out" after this class your muscles will thankyou for this workIN